Top 5 Benefits of Castor Oil for Skin

Castor Oil for Skin

Castor Oil for Skin is the go-to traditional cure for all kinds of skin and hair problems, as well as for a variety of health issues such as joint pains and upset stomach. it has numerous benefits when it comes to beauty. This colorless oil has been used traditionally to get rid of many skin problems. Here are the natural ways to use Castor oil in your beauty regime.

1- Thickens eyebrows

Rub some castor oil into your eyebrows each night before you go to bed and it will nourish and thicken your eyebrows. It also stimulates the growth of hair, so it’s great if you’ve over plucked your eyebrows. After a couple of weeks of regular castor oil massages your eyebrows will become thicker, so that you can shape it to your preference.

2- Cleanser

Did you know that castor oil also cleanses your skin? Yes! It removes all the dead cells and allows your skin to shine and look brighter or radiant. If you haven’t added this to your beauty routine, then do so right away! All you have to do is take a few drops of castor oil for skin on a piece of cotton ball and apply all over your face. This will also prevent your skin from having breakouts and removes all impurities found in the pores. Once you have massaged your skin, always wash your face with lukewarm or cold water.

3- Longer eyelashes

If you desire to have longer eyelashes, but you don’t want to go for eyelashes extensions, then try applying castor oil on your lashes every night before going to bed. In a couple of weeks time you should see the great result naturally longer and thicker eyelashes that you’ve always dreamed of.

4- Castor oil for skin as a lip balm

Use castor oil for skin as a lip balm to moisturize, nourish and care for your lips, and forget about dry and chapped lips forever. Always take one teaspoon of castor oil and apply all over your lips before going to sleep. You may also do it the first thing in the morning.

5- Skin Moisturizer

You can also use castor oil as a good skin moisturizer. Here is a step by step procedure on how you should go about it.
1- Take one tablespoon of castor oil and mix it with extra virgin olive oil in your hands.
2- Now apply the oil all over your face and massage it for a couple of minutes so that your skin absorbs it.
3- Take a washcloth in the other hand and soak it in running lukewarm water.
4- Apply gently all over your face. Leave it again for a minute and repeat the procedure involving the washcloth.
Scrub your face with the washcloth now.
5- Splash some cold water and use a good facial toner.
6- And you are done! Try doing this treatment thrice a week to feel a significant difference.

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