Amazing Benefits Of Papaya For Skin And Hair


Papaya is one of amazing fruit that has many amazing benefits. This fruit is not only packed with nutrients values but also it has deep impact when using on face and hair. Papaya is a wonderful fruit with many health benefits. Papaya, which is also known as “Fruit of the Angels”, contains an enzyme called papain that is helpful in digesting proteins. Besides papain, it also contains Vitamin B and C and minerals like potassium. It also helps to remove dead skin cells. It is not only a good fruit to eat but also have healthier impact on hair and face. The papaya leaves are also good treatment for dengue patients. The boiled papaya leaves water is very useful for enhancing white blood cells. Find out the Amazing Benefits Of Papaya For Skin And Hair below.

Benefits Of Papaya For Skin:

Papaya contains many healthy components that are good for skin and makes your skin glowing and healthy. It is an inexpensive fruit that is available to common man and is useful in many ways.

1- It is a best source of Papain and Vitamin A, which helps in breaking inactive proteins and also aids in the removal of dead skin cells.
2- Low sodium quality of papaya helps in retaining water and always keeps your skin hydrated.
3- Papaya contains plenty of Carotene in comparison to other fruits including guava, custard apple, apple and plantains.
4- It helps you reducing pimples and blemishes, with the application of finely ground raw papaya paste. After leaving it on for 25 minutes acne disappears from the face
5- The skin becomes soft, smooth by applying directly or by eating it.
6- The skin shines everlastingly with the application or consumption of papaya on a regular basis.
7- Mashed papaya can also be used to treat cracked and painful heels.
8- It acts as skin exfoliater, that cleans the skin and makes it healthy.
9- It helps your skin discoloration, with the application of papaya on a regular basis

Papaya Face Mask

1 cup unripe papaya, diced
1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil
1-teaspoon plain yogurt
1-teaspoon honey


Blend ingredients in a food processor until smooth. Add the mixture to damp face massaging in gently and leave on for 15- 20 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water, make sure the final rinse is with cool water. Regular use will make your skin soft and glowing.

Benefits Of Papaya For Hair:

In addition to the amazing skin benefits, papaya also provides hair care benefits, which can be obtained by consuming the fruit on a regular basis or by using of hair care products that contain papaya as its main ingredient. Papaya helps in nourishing the hair shaft and creates the volume.

1- Papaya helps you in preventing balding, with its rich nutrients. It also helps in boosting hair strength and growth.
2- Papaya is very efficient in controlling and preventing dandruff.
3- You can reduce hair thinning by adding papaya to your regular diet (though it may not work well in every individual and the results may vary).
4- Papaya removes excess oil, chemical build up and dirt from your hair naturally with the help of vitamins, minerals and enzymes present in it.
5- Extracts of papaya leaf can be used as a hair conditioner, which adds shine to your dull and lifeless hair
6- You can obtain a strong, thick and shiny hair by applying a papaya hair mask.

Papaya Hair Mask

1 cup ripe papaya, diced
1 cup ripe banana, diced
1-tablespoon molasses
1-tablespoon coconut oil
1-cup yogurt


Blend ingredients together thoroughly, there should be no chunks, especially from your banana. Apply to damp hair. Cover with a plastic cap. Allow to stay in hair for an hour or more, wrap a towel around the plastic cap to generate heat. Wash out from hair and style as usual.

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