Amazing Benefits Of Glycerin For Oily Skin

Amazing Benefits Of Glycerin For Oily Skin

Amazing benefits of glycerin for oily skin

Benefits of glycerin for oily skin is well known for its many uses for skin care. Glycerin on skin works as humectant, which is why it attracts moisture onto your skin. It has many other benefits for the skin and beauty care. It can stimulate our skin cells to rejuvenate them, and therefore is used in many skin care products, such as soaps, body lotions and moisturizers, body scrubs, face packs and face masks, as well as hair shampoos and conditioners. Glycerin can give you moisturized and cleansed skin without any side effects. Follow Amazing benefits of glycerin for oily skin.


Glycerin can be applied on the skin mixing it with your creams, lotions or other products. It moisturizes the oily skin appropriately without making it greasy.

As toner:

Glycerin acts as a great toner for oily skin. All you need to do is mix 1/4th cup of glycerin with 1 1/2 cups of rosewater and use it as you use the regular toner. It balances your skin well and keeps it nourished. Store it in a bottle and just spray it anytime your skin feels dry. It grants the skin a dewy look as well as a healthy glow.

Use it in your face pack:

For oily skin, glycerin can also be used in a face pack. Take fuller’s earth and add a few drops of glycerin to it and make it a paste with the help of water. Apply this face pack all over your face and neck. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash it off with cold water. This will make the oily skin glow and also hydrate at the same time. Glycerin can be used as face pack along with egg white and honey. It helps in eliminating the dead skin and thereby improving the skin tone too.

Glycerin helps in Cell maturation:

Glycerin can help in cell maturation. If glycerin is applied on the oily skin then it can play a vital role in getting rid of many issues related to skin especially the ones related to oily skin like acne, pimples and blackheads.

To remove excess oil from the oily skin:

People with oily skin tend to sweat a lot and the skin produces excess oil too. So fight these issues you can apply glycerin along with milk and honey. This mixture is excellent to remove oil from the skin and reduce sweating.

To hydrate the skin:

Although oily skin does not seem to need moisturizing as it is oily, the fact is that it still needs to be moisturized and glycerin helps you give the right amount of hydration to your skin. Glycerin is hygroscopic in nature, which means it can draw water from the air and transfer into the skin and helps it retain it too. This way the oily skin is hydrated and nourished.

To smoothen the skin:

Glycerin is great to add smoothness to the oily skin too. For this you will require, 30% glycerin, couple of drops of peppermint oil and 70% water. Simply spray this water on your face and neck before sleeping in the night and leave it until next morning. The skin will become super soft.

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