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Banana Face pack For Glowing Skin

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Banana skin glowing contains some vital vitamins and nutrients that make banana face masks extraordinary beauty fix. Banana protect our skin from free radicals and therefore delay the aging process.
Combined with other powerful nutrients from other natural ingredients, we can formulate effective banana face pack that can help in resolving various skin problems, such as combating wrinkles, removing pimples, skin brightening and many more.

Just Banana

Mash a ripe banana and apply on your face and skin. Let it sit on your face for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. If you have time, massage your skin with ice cubes after this. The application of banana will make your face glow and even out the rough skin.

Banana Face Mask to  skin glowing

This natural face mask is good for fading away dark spots, removing blemishes and brightening dull skin. This is made up of following three powerful ingredients to hydrate, lighten and brighten your skin.
Lemon Juice

Take a ripe banana and mash it with a spoon or a fork in a bowl till it forms a smooth lump free pulp. Add 1 tsp. of honey and 1 tsp. of lemon juice and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Wash your face with a mild soap and use a soft towel to pat it dry. Rub the mask into your face, using your clean fingers. If needed apply a second coat to make the ingredients penetrate deep into skin pores. Wait for 10-15 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water without using any soap this time.

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