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Simple home remedies for dry skin

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Itchy, dry, flaky skin can be very unpleasant. And with winter setting in, this is one common problem! Those over-the-counter products seldom work, and also leave a hole in your pocket. So what can you do to soothe that cracking skin? Try out our hand-picked home remedies that are sure to take you closer to the smooth skin you desire.

Oil therapy:

Rub on some olive, almond or oil and massage gently on to your hands, legs and also the remainder of your body before heading for a shower. If time permits, heat the oil and so apply. Post shower, use a lightweight moisturiser/sunscreen, as a result of winter sun isn’t any less harsh.

Scoop some milk cream:

Milk cream makes for a really smart moisturiser. combine a number of drops of lime, a tsp. of milk and 2 tsp. of milk cream and rub onto your hands and legs. Leave it on for a short while before you head for a shower. You’ll see the distinction instantly.


Curd makes for a wonderful skin hydrant, and its inhibitor, medication properties can facilitate soothe your dry, itchy skin. Apply curd even as it’s or combine it with some honey and a number of drops of lime. Leave it on for a minimum of ten minutes before you wash it off. it’s absolute to do wonders for your skin.


Honey helps lock in wetness, has inhibitor and anti-microbial properties, that makes it a wanted ingredient in several over-the-counter skin care merchandise. Why give cash on those, after you should purchase yourself a bottle of honey (which is cheaper) and use it to treat your skin. gently heat two tsp. of honey any apply it onto your skin (face, hands, legs) whereas heat. Leave it on for quarter-hour, and so wash it off. There’s nothing higher your skin will arouse.

Dab on some aloe vera:

If you don’t have an aloe plant at home as yet, then make a trip to the nearest nursery and get one, because aloe is super good for your skin! After bath, slice a piece of aloe, squeeze all the gel out and apply onto your face, hands or legs. It will not only moisturise your skin, it will also form a protective layer that will keep impurities from entering your pores. Although aloe is a good skin hydrant, it can leave your skin feeling tight. So you might want to dab on some moisturiser.

Go the milky way:

Keep aside a four tsp. of milk before you set it to boil for your morning coffee/tea. Add a number of drops of rose water/ lime and rub it everywhere your body and wash with cold water. do that doubly on a daily basis. And your skin can feel baby soft.

A vitamin-E boost!

Create a visit to your chemist and purchase some vitamin-E capsules (they don’t price much!). Cut out two capsules, squeeze out the oil, combine a number of drops of juice and apply everywhere your body. Take a shower and feel the distinction.


glycerin helps absorb and retain wetness, thus it’d be a decent plan to shop for a bottle from your nearest chemist. combine a teaspoon of glycerin with a number of drops of lime and massage onto your skin. Leave it on for a number of minutes before you wash it off.

coconut milk

Coconut milk not solely reduces skin status, however conjointly helps combat dark spots and blemishes. If you have got time to spare, create some contemporary coconut milk reception or purchase one amongst those packages ones. Rub it onto your face and body, and leave it nightlong. certify to unfolded associate degree previous bed-sheet and pillow cowl.

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